The theme of the lesson: Мектеп ар?ылы білім аламыз

The objectives of the lesson :
Educational: to enrich student`s knowledge about the theme.
Practical: to practical their reading and to check their pronunciation
Developing: to develop students reading and listening comprehension
Equipment : text book, sentence cards, read and translates
Organization moment Good morning, children! How are you today?
Who is on duty today? Who is absent today?
What date is it today?
Warm-up Let`s start our lesson. The theme of our lesson is Schools we get knowledge in
Presentation Open your books at p 105 ex.1 .Listen and repeat
Practice p 105 ex.1 .Read the text and share your ideas about modern schools
Every one in our country has the right for education. It is said in our Constitution. But it is not only a right, it is duty, too.Nowadays schools have become different. What are modern schools? Share your ides with your classmates.
Ex4 Read the sentences to know how to use the words;
Ex.6 Put questions
1. His family moved into almaty from Semey two years ago. ( Who?)
2. She started her business not so long ago.( What?)
3. At the start of her business no one helped her.(Did?)
Ex.5 Speak on the proverbs
1. Knowledge is power
2. A little knowledge is dangerous
Reading P 136 ex.3
Checking homework p.136 ex.3 translate
Reflexion What have you learnt today?