Сценарий сказки “The Turnip”


Storyteller. Once upon a time there lived an old man. Once spring he sowed a turnip seed.

Grandpa. Grow, little turnip, grow big and sweet.

The Sun. Grow up, little turnip, grow up! It’s warm!

The Rain. Drink, little turnip, drink and grow!

Storyteller. Look, there are green leaves on the turnip. Soon the turnip will grow.

Grandpa. Oh, how big my turnip is, how big! I must pull it out! Oh, dear! It’s so big! So big! I can’t pull it out! Grandmother, come here and help me!

Grandma. What is that, my dear?

Grandpa. Help me to pull the turnip out!

Grandma. O’key. Oh, Granddaughter! Come here!

Granddaughter. Yes, Grandmother!

Grandma. Help me to pull the turnip out!

Granddaughter. O’key. Dog! Dog! Come here!

Dog. Bow-wow! What’s up?! What’s up?

All. Help us to pull the turnip out!

Dog. All right!

Cat. May I help you? May I help you?

All. Yes, dear cat! Help us, please! Little mouse, help us!

Mouse. I am small, but I am strong! I am small, but I am strong! I will help you! One, two, three, pull!

All. One, two, three, pull!

Turnip. I am so big! I am so sweet!

Cat. Our turnip is so big!

Dog. Our turnip is so sweet!

Grandma. Let’s take it home!



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