Lesson 31. Theme: The Ecological Association “Tabigat”

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10 Form Lesson 31 Date:



The aim:



Org. moment:


The main part:




Ecology, geography and nature.

The Ecological Association “Tabigat”

Формирование знаний учащихся по теме «Экологическая ассоциация «Табигат»»

1) Обеспечить в ходе урока усвоение учащимися новой лексики.

2) Воспитывать бережное отношение к окружающей среде.

3)Развивать навыки чтения и говорения.

Association, to award, achievement, environmental, to solve, sewage, thrash-combustion, raw, urgent, to process.

The procedure of the lesson:

T: Good morning! Sit down! Who is on duty today? What date is it today? Who is absent today?

How are you? What’s the weather like today? Do you like nature? Are you a green person? Do you know any ecological organizations?

Today we are going to talk about the Ecological Association “Tabigat” and find out what it deals with. Open your books on page 80 and look at the picture. What do you think of this emblem?

Ex. 2 p. 80 Write down the words which are connected with ecology, nature of Kazakhstan. Read them to the class.

Ex. 4 p. 80 Predict: What’s the text below about?

Ex. 5 p. 80 Read the new words and write them down into your vocabularies.

Read the text and try to see the ecological problems.

What does this association do?

What are the main ecological problems of Kazakhstan?

Ex. 6 p. 82 Match the Russian words and phrases with the English.

Ex. 7 p. 82 A)Read the text again and find the English words and phrases given above in the text.

B) Form adjectives from nouns

Example: ecology – ecological

Ex. 8 p. 82 Read the text and underline the ecological problems. Do you agree with the director of the Association?

Ex. 9 p. 82 Write out the words from the text which are connected with “Ecology” and divide then into nouns, verbs and adjectives.

1)To learn the new words.

2) Ex. 13 p. 83

I hope the lesson was interesting and useful for you. What have you learnt today? Do you want to be a member of such organization?

The marks for the lesson are… The lesson is over! Good-bye!