Тheme: What should you do to keep fit?


The aims of the lesson:

Educational: a/ to teach students to speak about health;

b/ to encourage students in dialogue and to express their opinions

Developing: a/ to develop logical and critical thinking in solving problem;

b/to develop the students’ speaking, listening, writing habits

Bringing – up: a/to bring up healthy way of life;

b/ to train students to work in groups

The type of the lesson: consolidation lesson.

The kind of the lesson: competition lesson.

The visual aids: cards, diagrams, proverbs, rules, an interactive board, pictures.

The plan of the lesson:

I. Organization moment.

a/ greeting; b/talking with the pupil on duty.

Phonetic exercise

I have two eyes and I can see,

I have two ears and I can hear.

I have mouth and I can talk

I have two legs and I can walk.

Now, children, today we’ll have our lesson in a competition form. First of all divide into 2 teams. One of them is called “Sportsmen”, the 2nd is “Vitamins”. Our lesson is about health. That’s why you have taken these names.

II. Checking up home work.

Exercise 16 p.114 write down five things you had to do last week that you didn’t want to do, then share your list with the class and find out the five worst things you had to do.

Translate please.

Do you know any Kazakh and Russian proverbs about health?

” Дені саудың – жаны сау”.

” Денсаулық – зор байлық”.

” Здоровье – лучшее богатство”

III. Now, we will begin our competition. Your home task was to learn by heart the new words & Ex. 14.

New theme. “What should you do to keep fit?”

Porfiry Ivanov’s fitness system: some advice

Bathe twice a day in cold water.

Stand barefoot on the ground.

Do not drink or smoke.

Try to go without food and drink at least once a week.

Love the nature.

Greet everyone.

Help people.

Trust people and love them.

Put away thoughts of disease, failing health and death.

Be modest.

IV. Proverbs about health.

An apple a day, keeps a doctor away

Good health is above wealth The first wealth is health

Early to bed, early to raise makes We should eat to live, not live to eat

a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

V. What does the name mean? Defend the name of the team.

“Sportsmen” Sport helps people to stay in a good shape, keeps them fit, healthy. Sport is for health.

“Vitamins” Vitamins help you grow and stay healthy. Good health is above wealth.

VI. Work with the book. Ex. 1. Read each of the following lists of four words. One word does not belong in each list. Find it and put a circle round it.

a/ ill b/ doctor c/ sleep d/ headache

sick nurse take care of a sore throat

sad teacher nurse toothache

unwell chemist look after pill

2. Here are some things a person can do to take care of his health. Which two do you think are the most important?

New words:

Indigestion [, indi’dȝestʃən] асқазанның бұзылуы

Ointment [‘ɔintmənt] май /дәрілік/

Injection [in’dȝekʃən] инъекция, дәрі жіберу

Faint [ feint ] талып қалу

Pain [ pein ] ауыру

Regular [‘regjulә ] жүйелі

Fit [ fit ] дені сау, жарамды

VI. Match the words and definitions.

a/ chemist’s 1/a pain in your stomach after eating

b/ fever 2/something you take to cure an illness

c/ indigestion 3/a place you buy medicine from

d/ ointment 4/difficulty going to sleep

e/ medicine 5/a cream used mainly for burns & other skin problem

f/ insomnia 6/a hot feeling when you have a cold or the flu

VIII. Review of the parts of the body.

Game “Show me … , please”

VII. Reflection:

What was the theme of our lesson?

What interesting things did you know?

VIII. Home task: 1-lesson: exercise 13 p.118 answer the questions

2-lesson: exercise 14 p.118 writing work.

IX. Marks:

The marks for the lesson are …

The lesson is over! Good-bye!



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