Сценарий сказки “The Wolf and Seven Little Kids”


Storyteller. You know an old story about the wolf and the seven little kids. Now the play begins!

(Mother Goat has a jug or a milk can in her hand. She wants to go to the market. All her kids are around her.)

Mother Goat. Now, my dear children, I must go to the market and get some milk for you. You must sit still. You must not let anybody in. Lock the door and — goodbye! (Kisses them and goes away.)

Seven kids. Goodbuy, goodbuy! Come back soon! Storyteller. Look! There is big bad Wolf. (The Wolf comes up to the Goat’s house.) He is at the door. He wants some milk for you!

Wolf (in a loud, rough voice). Open the door! It’s me, your mother! I have some milk for you!

Seven kids. No, no, you are not our mother!

1st К i d. Our mother’s voice is soft!

2nd Kid. Our mother’s voice is sweet!

3rd Kid. We must not open the door to anybody!

Wolf. You silly kids! (Goes away.)

Storyteller. And the Wolf goes and drinks some hot milk with a lot of butter in it. (The Wolf is in the background with a jug of milk in his hand.)

(Now his voice is soft, and he will go up to the Goat’s house again.)

Wolf (in a soft voice). Open the door, my dear children! It’s me, your mother! I have some sweets for you!

Seven Kids. No, no, you are not our mother.

5th Kid. Your voice is soft, but it is not mother’s!

Wolf. But don’t you want these nice sweets!

2nd Kid. We don’t want any sweets from you!

Wolf. And I have some ice cream for you!

3rd Kid. We don’t want any ice cream from you!

Wolf. I have a lot of toys for you!

4th Kid. We don’t want any toys!

Wolf. Open the door or I shall break it!

5th Kid. We are not afraid of you, you big bad Wolf! (The Wolf goes away.)

Storyteller. The Wolf isn’t here now. He wants to find a very big stick. He wants to break the door.

1st Kid. We are not afraid of the big bad Wolf] But we must fight him, if he comes back. (To the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Kids.) You, and you, and you two go and get big stick. (To the 6th and 7th Kids.) And you two take the pans and big spoons and… (Whispers something to them. They nod.) …and stand behind the armchair.

(They go to the armchair in the background.)

Storyteller. Do you hear? That is the Wolf again!

(The Wolf comes up to the door.)

Wolf. Do you give up?

Seven Kids. No, no!

Wolf. Then I will break the door!

Seven Kids. We are not afraid of you, big bad Wolf!

Wolf. Do you give up? One!

Seven Kids. No, no!

Wolf. Do you give up? Two!

Seven Kids. No, no!

Wolf. Do you give up? Three!

Seven Kids. No, no!

Storyteller. Band! The Wolf breaks the door!

(The Wolf rushes into the room. The fight begins. The 4th and 5th Kids fall down. The 1st Kid takes a trumpet and blows it. The 6th and 7th Kids jump up from behind the armchair and make an awful noise with their pans and spoons. The Wolf is frightened.)

Wolf. Oh, what is that? What is that? I must run, I must run, quick, quick!

(He runs away. The Kids run up to the 4th and 5th Kids, lift them up and bandage. Mother Goat comes in.)

Mother Goat. Oh, what’s the matter? What does all this mean?

1st Kid. Everything’s all right, mother.

2nd Kid. The Wolf wanted to eat us up!

3rd Kid. But it is not so easy to eat us up!

4th Kid. Mother, I am hurt!

5th Kid. And so am I!

(They all come closer to their mother, she kisses them.)

Mother Goat. Oh, my dear brave children! It’s very good that you are not afraid of the Wolf. There are many wolves in the world, but if we fight all together, we shall win!



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