Lesson 9. Theme: Health: illness and disease.


8 Form Lesson 9 Date:



The aim:



Org. moment:


Checking up h/w:

The main part:




Me and my favourite sport.

Health: illness and disease.

Формирование знаний учащихся по теме «Здоровье и болезни».

1) Обеспечить в ходе урока усвоение учащимися лексики по данной теме.

2) Содействовать формированию у учащихся ЗОЖ.

3) Развивать навыки чтения и говорения.

To prescribe a medicine for, ache, pain, to hurt, injured, painful, painless, a virus, injection, asthma, a cough, to sneeze.

The procedure of the lesson:

T: Good morning, dear children! Sit down! Who is on duty today? What date is it today? Who is absent today?

How are you today? What’s the weather like today?

Look at the pictures on page 21. What can you see? Read and translate the sentences under the pictures.

Your home task was to write a composition “Sport in our life”. Give me your copybooks!

Today we are going to talk about health and illnesses.

Ex. 1 p. 22 Read and remember how to use these words. Write down the new words into your vocabularies, consult their meaning with the dictionary.

Ex. II p. 23

1)Look at the table and make up short dialogues with your partners using the key words and sentences.

Example: What’s the matter?

I have a cold. …

2) Look at the picture and write what happened using the words in the box.

Example: One day I had a terrible toothache. …

Ex. III p. 23 Fill in blanks with the appropriate word.

Example: I hit my hand on the desk, and now it really hurts.

Ex. IV p. 24 Answer the questions.

Ex. V p. 24 Read and give the Russian equivalents to the proverbs about health.

1.To learn the new words.

2.Ex. VI p. 24

What was the theme of our lesson? What interesting things have you learnt today?

The marks for the lesson are…

The lesson is over! Good-bye!


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