Lesson 1. Theme: Revision. Present Tenses (Повторение. Настоящее время)



The aim:


Grammar material:

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Revision. Present Tenses (Повторение. Настоящее время)

Revision and consolidation of the present tenses.

1. Teach pupils to use tenses correctly.

2. Develop pupils’ grammar skills.

3. Bring up pupils to respect each other opinions.

Tenses of the verb.

The procedure of the lesson:

T: Good morning, dear children! Sit down! Who is on duty today? What date is it today? Who is absent today?

Who can tell me, what day is it today?

Ok, you are right! What season is it now?

How do you do? I hope that you are fine!

Are you ready for this lesson?

That’s great!

Your task is to make a phrase and show it to your classmates without any words. Their task is to guess what it means (an yellow fish, a big house, a long road, etc.)

Today we are going to review the tenses of the verb. What are they? Yes, that’s right. It is Present Indefinite, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Past Indefinite, Past Continuous, Future Indefinite and Present Perfect Continuous. First, let’s review the grammar rules.

And now I’m giving you a table with all tenses and we’ll do some exercises using this table.

The table of tenses





Ved, V2

V, V(e)s

will (shall) + V


was (were) +Ving

am (is, are) + Ving

will (shall) +be + Ving


had + V3

have (has) + V3

will (shall) + have been +V3

Perfect Continuous

had been + Ving

have (has) + been + Ving

will (shall) + have been + Ving

Exercise 1. Finish the sentences.

I have just … (Present Perfect)

We have been … (Present Perfect Progressive)

He often … (Present Simple)

Are you … ? (Present Progressive)

What is Oleg … ? (Present Progressive)

Olga has already… (Present Perfect)

Tomorrow I … (Future Simple)

Next Sunday my parents … (Future Simple)

At 6 p.m. tomorrow I … (Future Progressive)

10.I had already … (Past Perfect)

Exercise 2. Translate the sentences from Russian into English.

Я уже три дня об этом думаю.

I have been thinking about this already.

Моя сестра пьет кофе без сахара. А я всегда предпочитала с молоком.
My sister drinks coffee without sugar. And I always prefer with milk.

Мы очень рады вас видеть. Мы вас ждали целый месяц.
We are very glad to see you. We have been waiting for you for a month.

Вы все еще читаете эту книгу? Сколько времени вы ее уже читаете?
Are you still reading this book? How much time have you already been reading it?

Моя сестра занимается танцами уже пять лет.
My sister has been dancing for already five years.

Я ищу тебя весь вечер. Где ты был все это время?
I have been looking for you the whole evening. Where have you been all the time?

Они пишут экзамен уже два часа.
They have been writing the examination for already two hours.

Мы знаем друг друга уже пять лет.
We have been known each other for already five years.

Я всегда хотела изучать английский язык.
I always wanted to study English.

Где она? — Она уже два часа дома.
Where is she? – She has been staying at home for already two hours.

Где дети? — Они все еще играют во дворе.
Where are the children? – They have been playing in the yard.

Мой брат уже три года дизайнер.
My brother has been a designer for three years.

Мой друг изучает английский с детства.
My friend has been studying English since his childhood.

Я уже полчаса читаю эту книжку.
I have been reading this book for already a half an hours.

Repeat the rules about present tenses. Make ex.1 in the appendix.

What was the theme of our lesson? Have you understand it? What was difficult for you?

The marks for the lesson are…

The lesson is over! Good-bye!