3-сабақ Үй шаруасына көмектесу




Сабақтың атауы

3-сабақ Үй шаруасына көмектесу


Тақырыптық күнтізбелік жоспар, сабақ жоспары, оқулықтан алынған материал (папка: ресурстар)


Сабақ барысы

Checking up the home task

What was your home task? Do have any questions?

Who is ready? Is there any volunteers?

Warm up

ESL Activity Memory:

For this game you must have at least two of every card. IE two cars, two buses, two trains etc.

How to play: Cards are laid out upside-down. Students take turns at flipping two cards at a time. If the cards match then they get to keep them, if they don’t, they have to be turned back over again. The player with the most cards at the end is the winner.


The students must say the word when they flip the cards over.

The students must make a sentence or a question when they flip the cards over.


Read and Remember

Look at the words and use dictionary and you may check their meaning

A Vocabulary quiz: Give your partner a vocabulary quiz. Follow the stages.

Stage 1 Think of ten words and write quiz questions like these:

The first letter is…/How do you spell…? /What is …in English?

Read оқу

Watch қарау

Listen тыңдау

Wash up ыдыс жуу

Relax демалу

Talk соөлеу, әңгімелеу

Play ойнау

Always әрқашан

Sometimes иногда

Usually әдетте (обычно)

Often жие

Seldom сирек

Never ешқашан

Listen and repeat

Colin: Do you ever help your Mum in the house, Omar?

Omar: Yes, I do. I often help my Mum.

Colin: How often do you make your bed?

Omar: I always make my bed.

Colin: And how often do you tidy your room?

Omar: Once a week. Usually on Saturday afternoon.

Colin: Who lays the table in your family?

Omar: My Mum does.

Colin: So does my Mum.

Grammar Structure

There is…There is not…, There are….There isn’t…, Are the any pictures…Is there any….Yes, there are some, Preposition of Places, I want to…;

1) There isn’t a table in the middle of the room.

2) There is a sofa at the wall.

3) There is a carpet in front of the fire.

4) There is a television near the window.

5) There is an armchair near the bookcase.

6) There is a book case next to the fire.


Exercise 1-12 page 104-107


Colin seldom helps his mother

Colin sometimes tidies his room

Colin always does the washing up

Colin usually makes his bed

Colin never lays the table


Home work

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