The theme of the lesson: Me, my family and sports


The objectives of the lesson :
Educational: to enrich student`s knowledge about the theme.
Practical: to practical their reading and to check their pronunciation
Developing: to develop students reading and listening comprehension
Cultural: to enrich student`s outlook about hobbies
The type of the lesson: reading , writing , work with card, work with interactive board
Equipment : text book, sentence cards, read and translates
Organization moment Good morning, children! How are you today?
Who is on duty today? Who is absent today?
What date is it today?
Warm-up Let`s start our lesson. The theme of our lesson is Me, my family and sports
Presentation Open your books at p 7. ex.1 .Read and discuss the text.Share you ideas about Daniel and his family.
Practice P.8. ex.1 Answer the questions
1 . How old are you?
2 .What`s his hobby?
3. Who spends too much time with computer in their family?
p.8 ex. 2 Find the English equivalents in the text
Мои друзья называют меня Даном, самый младший, старший брат пытается командоватьб не всегда понимет мой юмор
Ex.3 p.8 Answer the following questions
What is your name?
How old are you?
What form are in?
Do you go in for sports?

Reading P.9ex.34Complete the sentences with must and mustn`t and translate them
a) We _____ bring CD players to school
Checking homework p.9 ex.5 Correct the false sentences
Reflexion What have you learnt today?