The theme of the lesson: Control work


The objectives of the lesson :
Educational: to enrich student`s knowledge about the theme.
The type of the lesson: reading , writing , work with card, work with interactive board
Equipment : text book, sentence cards, read and translates
Organization moment Good morning, children! How are you today?
Who is on duty today? Who is absent today?
What date is it today?
Warm-up Let`s start our lesson. Control work
Practice Fill in the gaps
1. play ____ _____
2. ____ ____ gone
3. ____ studied ____
4. ____ was/were _____
5. See ______ _____
Task two. Find opposites in meaning
Helpful, impolite, kind, stupid, clever, lazy, uninteresting, polite, unhelpful, interesting, lively, silent, inactive, talkative, unkind

Use the verb in the Present Perfect Tense
1.He (to be) to New York many times
Checking homework p.20 ex.7 Correct the false sentences
Reflexion What have you learnt today?