Lesson. Theme: Grammar lesson.


10 Form Lesson Date:



The aim:



Org. moment:


Checking up h/w:

The main part:


Reflection. Marks.


Grammar lesson.

Повторение и закрепление знаний учащихся по теме «Настоящие Совершенные времена»

1) Обеспечить в ходе урока повторение и закрепление учащимися данной темы.

2) Воспитывать у учащихся внимательность.

3) Развивать навыки письма.

Present Perfect Tenses.

The procedure of the lesson:

T: Good morning, dear children! Sit down! Who is on duty today? What date is it today? Who is absent today?

How are you? What’s the weather like today? How many lessons do you have today? What are they?

Your home task was to write some sentences about the place you would like to go. Do you have any questions? Give me your copybooks.

Today we are going to review Present Perfect and Present Prefect Continuous tenses and do some exercises.

Open your books at page 191 and read grammar rules.

Ex. 12 p. 18 Read the dialogue and answer the questions in Present Perfect tense.

Complete the following sentences.

Ex. 13 p. 19 Make matches.

Ex. 14 p. 19 Read and translate the sentences.

Ex. 15 p. 19 Choose the correct verb form.


How long has Gulnar been living / does live in Astana?

Ex. 16 p. 20 Complete the questions.


Have you ever been abroad?

Ex. 17 p. 20 Match the synonyms.


Look after – take care of

1)To learn grammar rules

2)Ex. 18 p. 20

I hope the lesson was interesting and useful for you. What have you learnt today?

The marks for the lesson are… The lesson is over! Good-bye!


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