Lesson 43 Theme:A fortune- teller.


6 Form Lesson 43 Date:



The aim:




Org. moment:


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A fortune- teller.

Формирование знаний учащихся по теме «Будущее Неопределенное время».

1) Обеспечить в ходе урока усвоение учащимися новой грамматической темы.

2) Содействовать формированию интереса.

3) Развивать навыки составления предложений.

To win, to think, a fortune-teller, to buy, to travel, to believe, the world.

Future Indefinite Tense.

The procedure of the lesson:

T: Good morning, dear children! Sit down! Who is on duty today? What date is it today? Who is absent today?

What day is it today? How many lessons do you have today? What’s the weather like today?

Ex. 12 p. 136 Give me your copybooks!

Today we are going to talk about future and learn the Future Indefinite Tense. Let’s learn grammar rules.

Future Indefinite Tense.

Watch the presentation!

Future Simple tense (Будущее простое время) обозначает действие, которое будет происходить в будущем. Оно образуется при помощи вспомогательного глагола will и первой формы глагола.
I will go to school tomorrow.

Отрицательные предложения образуются при помощи частицы not
Will not =won`t

I will not go to school tomorrow.

Ex. 1 p. 137 Read..

Listen the new words. Write them down into your vocabularies.

Ex. 2 p. 137 Look at the picture. What do you see?

Ex. 4 p. 137 Listen and read.

Ex. 5 p. 138 Read the text again and talk.

Example: -What will Jennifer buy?

-She will buy … .

Ex. 6, 7 p. 138 Listen and practice. Talk to your partner.


-Where will she live?

-She will live in … .

Ex. 8, 9 p. 138 Talk to each other.

Ex. 10 p. 138 Read and write the words.

Write the words under the right column, check them and practice their pronunciation.

Ex. 11 p. 139 Act out as a fortune-teller.

Ex. 10D p. 139; to learn grammar rules.

What was the theme of our lesson? Did you understand it? What was difficult for you? Let’s review grammar rules.

The marks for the lesson are …

The lesson is over! Good-bye!