Lesson 23. Theme: Great Britain. Topical vocabulary.


8 Form Lesson 23 Date:



The aim:



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Great Britain. Topical vocabulary.

Знакомство с лексикой по теме «Великобритания».

1) Обеспечить в ходе урока усвоение учащимися лексики по данной теме.

2) Содействовать расширению кругозора учащихся.

3) Развивать навыки чтения.

The United Kingdom, the Atlantic ocean, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the British Isles, the English Channel, the Strait of Dover, the Gulf Stream, the Severn, the Thames, situated, island, coast, suburb, resource, oil, wheat, flora, fauna, care.

The procedure of the lesson:

T: Good morning, dear children! Sit down! Who is on duty today? What date is it today? Who is absent today?

How are you today? What’s the weather like today?

Words connected with countries (фронтальный опрос).

Ex. III p. 112 (copybooks)

Today we are going to learn new words on the theme “Great Britain” and know how to use them.

Ex. I p. 113 Learn to read the proper names.

Ex. II p. 113 Read the new words and guess what they mean.

Ex. III p. 114 Read the new words and write them down into your vocabularies consulting their meaning with the dictionary.

Read the sentences to know how to use these words.

Now write your own sentences using the new words


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is washed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Ex. IV p. 114 Answer the questions.

To learn the new words, Ex. V p. 115.

What was the theme of our lesson? What interesting things have you learnt today? Let’s review the new words.

The marks for the lesson are…

The lesson is over! Good-bye!