№56 Сабақтың тақырыбы: Have you been in Central Asia.


Сабақтың мақсаты:

Have you been in Central Asia тақырыбы

бойынша оқушылардың білімін бекіту

Мәтінмен жұмыс істеу

Достыққа, жолдастыққа тәрбиелеу

Есте сақтау қабілетін дамыту

Сабақ әдісі: Сұрақ-жауап

Сабақ типі: Бекіту

Көрнекілігі: тақырыптық суреттер

Пән аралық байланыс: Қазақ тілі

Сабақ барысы:


А) амандасу

Б) жоқтарды белгелеу

II. Сабақтың тақырыбымен, мақсаттарымен таныстыру.

Our theme in our lesson is “Have you been in Central Asia.


Exercise 6 Listen to the text. Complete the sentence after you’ve listened

Almost 7 centuries ago in Central Asia there lived a great king called Tamerlane. He was a very powerful solidier, and he wanted one day to rule agreat empire stretching form the Atlantic Ocean in the West to the Pacific Ocean in the East.

He made his capital in the oasis city Samarkand which he planned to make the most beautiful city on Earth. Many mosques were built, with blue ceramic tiles outside and gold inside.

Tamerlane’s wife Bibi-Khanym was the most beautiful and the most important of all his wives.

She was deeply in love with him. In order to show her love to Tamerlane she decided to build a magnificent to honor him when he was away fighting in a distant war. She found the best architect who designed the most magnificent mosque one could imagine. And then she found the best master-builder who began the work immediately.

As the weeks and days passed by the master builder began to fall in love with her.

Exercise 7 Circle the correct answer

1. Tamerlane was:

I) an architect; b) soldier; c) builder.

2. Bibi-Khanym was:

a) the oldest wife; b) the most important wife; c) not beautiful.

3. To honour her husband Biby-Khanym decided:

a) to wear a veil; b) to build a mosque; c) to go to a war. 4. Bibi-Khanym allowed the master builder to kiss her because: a)she loved him; b) the master-builder didn’t want to finish the mosque; c) she wanted to make the master builder happy.

Exercise 8 Listen to the tape again if you need to

King Tamerlane – a powerful warrior.

Hilii-Khanym – a loving wife.

Why did Muslim women wear a veil.

Answer the questions in groups

Example: You’ve chosen topic 2?
Questions: 1) Do you think Bibi-Khanym was clever? Why?

Did she love Tamerlane? How do you know that?

Why did she let the builder kiss her?

IV. Үйге тапсырма

Exercise 9



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