№18 Theme of lesson: Test


Aims of the lesson: Өткен тақырыбы бойынша оқушылардың

білімін тексеру

Оқушылардың білімге құштарлығын арттыру

Есте сақтау қабілетін дамыту

Type of the lesson: Revision

Materials for the lesson: test

Connection of the subjects: Kazakh

Outline of the lesson:

I.Organization moment:

А) Greetings

Б) Checking up the attendance

II. Teacher introduces the pupils with the theme and aims of the lesson.

Today we shall write the test

III. Revision Much/ many/some/any

  1. There are… sweets in the vase.

a. many b. much c. any

2. There is… butter in the fridge.

a. many b. much c. any

3. Is there … water in the kettle?

a. some b. any c. no

4. There are … eggs in the box.

a. many b. much. C. any

5. There is … flour in the packet.

a. many b. much. C. any

6. There are … pears on the plate.

a. any b. some c. one

7. There isn’t … oil in the bottle.

a. some b. no c. any

8. There are … apples on the plate.

a. much b. many

9. There is … milk in the bottle.

a. much b. many

10 There are … oranges in the box.

a. much b. many

11. There is … water in the kettle.

a. much b. many

12. There are … eggs for dinner.

a. much b. many

13. There is … bread in the bread bin.

a. much b. many

14. There are … carrots in the fridge.

a. much b. many

15. There is … tea in the teapot.

a. much b. many

16. There are …scones on the plate.

a. much b. many

17. There is … butter for tea.

a. much b. many



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