№17 Theme of lesson: How much is it ?


Aims of the lesson: How much is it? Сұрағын енгізу, оған

жауап беруді үйрету

Бос уақытын дұрыс пайдалануына


Сөйлеу тілін дамыту

Method of the lesson: answer the questions

Type of the lesson: mixed

Materials for the lesson: pictures

Connection of the lesson: Kazakh

Outline of the lesson:

I.Organization moment

А) Greetings

Б) Checking up the attendance

II. Checking the homework

Exercise 4


“To be” етістігін өткен шақта қайталау

Дұрыс және бұрыс етістіктер туралы білімдерін қайталау

IV. Teacher introduces the pupils with the theme and aims of the lesson.

Our theme in our lesson is ” How much is it?”

V.New lesson

Сөздік жумыс

Study these words with your teacher:

flavour altogether

Vanilla medium


Exercise 2Listen and practise.

David: Excuse me!

S. a.: Can I help you?

David: Yes, please. Three small ice­creams.

S.a.: What flavour?

David: What flavour have you got?

S.a.: I’ve got strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and coffee.

David: O.K., one strawberry, one

vanilla and one chocolate, please.

S.a.: Right… Who’s the strawberry for?

David: It’s for her.

S. a.: And the chocolate?

David: It’s for him. The vanilla’s for me.

S. a.: Here you are.

David: How much is that?

S. a.: They’re 60 p each … that’s £ 1.80 altogether

VI. Answer the questions

Exercise 4 Talk to your partner. Discuss the answers to these questions

Where were Carol and Colin?

Who were they with?

What did they buy?

Do you like ice-cream?

What flavours do you like?

How do you often do you buy it?

Exercise 5 Make conversations

Exercise 7 listen and practice

VII. Conclusion

Exercise 8 Match the answers with questions from the dialogues

Can I help you?

What size is it?

How much is it?

What flavours have you got?

What make?

Who’s strawberry for?

VIII. Homework:

Exercise 9

Check up:



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