№13 Theme of lesson: Food and drink .


Aims of the lesson: Саналатын және саналмайтын зат

есімдерді енгізу, олардың сөйлемде

қолданулуын үйрету

Енбекті сүюге тәрбиелеу

Есте сақтау, ойлау қабілетін дамыту

Method of the lesson: answer the questions

Type of the lesson: Introduction of the new material

Materials for the lesson: a grammar table

Connection of the subjects: Kazakh

Outline of the lesson:

I.Organization moment:

А) Greetings

Б) Checking up the attendance

II. Teacher introduces the pupils with the theme and aims of the lesson:

Our theme in our lesson is “Food and drink .”

III.New lesson:

Exercise 1 Study this words with your teacher

Countable uncountable

Oranges coffee

Apples tea

Bananas juice

Eggs rice

Tomatoes milk

Carrots sugar

Grapes bread

Exercise 2 complete the chart using the words in exercise 1




Other food

IV.answer the questions

Exercise 3look at the list of food and drink. Talk to your partner

What do you like?

What don’t like?

Exercise 4 Jennifer and Asel want to make something

What is it?

Can they make it?

What can they make?


Listen and practice

Jennifer: O. K. Let’s see. What do we need? Have we got any flour?

Asel: Yes, we’ve got lots of flour. Here.

Jennifer: Good. We need some butter, too. Have we got any butter?

Asel: Some butter … butter … Ah, yes. Here we are.

Jennifer: Excellent.

Asel: We’ve got six eggs. Do you want them?

Jennifer: No, we don’t need any eggs. Sugar?

Asel: Sugar … sugar. No! We haven’t got any sugar.

Jennifer: Oh no! I know! We can make …

Exercise 5 grammar puzzle

When do you say some?

When do you say “any”?

Look at the sentences below.

With your partner work out a rule.

Have we got any flour?

Have we got any butter?

Do we need any eggs?

We need some butter

For breakfast I have some bread and milk. We’ve got some eggs.’

Compare your rule with others in your class. Then compare it with the rule that your teacher has.

Exercise 6 Read and write the words

Exercise 7 Here are the indegredients for the Apple Cake. Use your dictionary check any words you don’t know Work in pairs. Look at the fridge and cupboard. Ask and answer questioins about the indegridients in the recipe.

Is there …………………?

Are there ………………?

Have they got …………?

Do they need ……………?

Yes, there is .

No, there aren’t.

IV. Homework:

Exercise 10

Exercise 4b